How It Works


One Feelz session takes 10 minutes.
21 sessions completes one Feelz.
Change your Feelz, change your life.


Find where you need support. You can do this by visiting our store HERE, where you’ll be able to choose the Feelz that’s right for you. Once you’ve purchased your Feelz or Bundle, you will be sent an email asking you to confirm your account, as well as your login information. Once logged in, you will be able to access your Subscriptions, Settings, Payment & Logout in the PROFILE section of MY ACCOUNT located in the top menu bar.


Purchase, breathe, and experience the life-changing benefits of the Feelz. When you buy a Feelz, you make a commitment for 21 days to raise that feeling to operate above 51%,ensuring that feeling becomes positive. In layman’s terms, it makes you FEELZ GOOD. At the end of those 21 days, your subscription to that Feelz ends, and you’re ready to start the next one. The questions are drip-fed at the rate of 3 questions per 24 hours. Giving you the opportunity to breathe up to 3 times a day, and finish the companion in 7 days.

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We suggest that you do the 3-Step Process at least once per day. If you do this, your program will be completed in 21 days. Remember to hit the “Click for Achievement” to receive all of your badges and achievements.


Be mindful that the breath is shallow. It should be simple and peaceful, not difficult and strenuous. The more comfortable you become with the breath, the more rhythmic and simple it feels. Take your time until you form an effortless rhythm with the audio track. Remember, you are doing this to dissolve negative inner dialogue. Simple persevere through the 3-Steps.


Bathing and rinsing in Epsom salts every second day can help dissolve tired energy from your body as you cleanse emotionally. Even though you are not detoxing through your emotions your body will release old stress and anxiety. The Epsom salts can assist in this process.