feelz-chartThe Feelz Chart aims to demonstrate that we host a capacity as individuals to feel 49 feelings that provide us 49 gateways into love, wisdom, passion, and revelation of itself. Our capacity to feel emotions is created by these 49 individual feelings located within the brain, which we call the Feelz. Our Feelz, when operating above a 51% capacity to feel love, allows us to feel varied perceptions of self-love. When they reduce to operating under 49% capacity to feel love, we feel varied degrees of self-doubt, which eventually becomes self-sabatoge. When our Feelz decline, rather than having feeling, an individual will experience confusion and hear varied sequences of negative inner dialogue, which aims to drive negative behavior.
The Feelz programs demonstrate that each of the 49 feelings, when cleansed, have the potential to express qualities of self-appreciation and self-love both within themselves and outside of themselves. This awakens a deeper presence of love within all aspects of life. By simply dissolving negative inner dialogue from our feelings, we are provided with an opportunity to cleanse all aspects of our lives beyond our perceived limitations, while honoring our most vulnerable memories, interpretations, and insights. Dissolving “negativity” from within our brain that may limit our relationship to love ourselves, others, life, and our past, allows us to move through each moment, embracing and dissolving self-destructive conditions of our brokenness, which awakens the experience of living mindfully.
Individuals practice the Feelz because they are seeking to immediately improve their quality of life. They are unable to interrupt their daily routine to heal, are incapable of ceasing work to rest, and are unwilling to move away from their families to be alone. So, in order to achieve the change in their lives they seek, they use the Feelz to dissolve negative inner dialogue from feelings. Individuals appear to attract a more fulfilling life experience when they make this cognitive shift, no longer stuck on what they define as a treadmill of negativity and inner dialogue.