the-founder-genie-omalley-about-drug-free-solutionz an award winning humanitarian and human rights advocate, driving social change for individuals and communities as she leads the conversation on the importance of Mental Health while providing a suite of Emotional Wellness Programs called the Feelz. O’Malley has pioneered an invention known today as the Living Breath Process; a dynamic combination of breathing coupled with language acquisition that is able to speak to, nurture, embrace, and dissolve a person’s “negative inner dialogue”, allowing their own self-love to become the driver of their life experiences as opposed to their brokenness.

Quite often individuals are taught to disconnect to feeling and emotions, fearing the outcome will be to fall apart and lose control of their lives. O’Malley understands through both her professional and personal life that individuals draw self-power through the vulnerability of life circumstances, teaching others that reconciling our experiences emotionally directs our lives into success and self-approval.

O’Malley has created an entire Emotional Wellness System online where users can create an account and purchase at-home programs to balance their emotions on a budget. This system teaches individuals the importance of Emotional Wellness as the governing force of our relationships to others, our quality of living, and our potential in life. There are 42 Feelz available for download that, when practiced for 10 minutes a day, can be mixed and matched with other Feelz as a valuable tool for an individual to use for over 42 pre-diagnosed mental health conditions, including Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and Addiction.

O’Malley is a progressive innovator within the lifestyle marketplace where she aims to positively impact social behaviors and enhance life experiences in overall peace and purpose for users. For the past 21 years, people have experienced the Living Breath Process in a variety of ways ranging from Breathing Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota to alternative treatment programs for individuals involved with the Justice Department in Santa Cruz, CA. DSOL became the brand where all of the products and success stories live. DSOL continues to stand for the awareness, education, and solution for the Emotional Wellness and Mental Health of individuals and communities.

“Genie O’Malley’s work bestows a world of opulence upon all who are open to transcending their life to a place where unconditional love and acceptance is the foundation.”
Jeannie Jones, book review
“Genie O’Malley is the bridge between two worlds. She has committed herself to being a spokeswoman for wisdom and love, the two most important things humans have at their disposal. She reminds me of the great women that have changed our world. Her vision is needed at this crucial time in our history. Poet, teacher, sage, leader, and survivor are all words that describe this incredible human being.”
John St. Augustine, Host at Power Talk Radio
“Genie O’Malley is a truly remarkable woman who provides one of the most powerful and effective programs for victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault that I have seen.”
Donn J. Weidershine, MD Psychiatrist/Founder of the Integrative Health System


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