The Three-Part Breath

Breathing is such a vital function of our everyday lives, yet it is rare that we put time into consciously connecting to our breath, or more specifically, to the pattern of our breath and the thoughts we have throughout each inhale and exhale. We underestimate the power of discovering our life-force that moves through breath, an energy so powerful it is created daily within our lives. Our breath has a special magic that has the ability to calm us, empower us, awaken peace and acceptance within us, heal us, nurture us, and awaken potential we never thought possible.The Feelz offer a unique way to use your breath to awaken positive feeling and deeper connection to wisdom and positive mind. This provides you the opportunity to witness the direction of your thoughts, so you are able to move away from the racing mind that creates stress, worry, and anxiety. An individual will be able to disengage from the aspect of the thinking mind which is constantly chatting as it predicts the future, remembers the past, and defines the “what ifs” that remove each of us from the potential of the positive mind, which is vital to us maintaining success and creating peace. Within the Feelz, you will learn the importance of connecting your breath to your thoughts. What you think, feel, and inhale, you become.

The Feelz accompany some very simple exercises that you may practice throughout your day. These exercises can quickly awaken you to a profound healing energy that exists within you, your breath, and the power of words to heal. Through this approach, we have witnessed individuals of all ages empower their lives in a very simple way. They connected their breath to words that awaken positive uplifting thoughts, pictures, and words of themselves. Through this practice, breath becomes a healer, a friend, or a life coach. Wisdom awakens within every breath as the feeling and language of love. Life begins to shape into expressions of love and self-approval, as inner dialogue becomes feeling and a person is driven to honor themselves in wise, thoughtful, and conscious ways.