The Three-Step Process


With the Feelz, you will learn the importance of connecting your breath to your feelings as you increase your perceived feeling of self-love through the Three-Part Breath and word combinations. What you think, feel, and inhale, you become. The Feelz have demonstrated that when an individual is immersed within the language of self-love, it can improve an individual’s life through healing their relationship to themselves, all while awakening a greater connection to love within their relationships to their families, partners, children, communities, and dreams.
Our unique program provides individuals with the tools to dissolve each of the 49 feelings, as well as the negative inner dialogue associated with each feeling. To complete a Feelz, you will complete the Living Breath Process a total of 21 separate times. Each separate time is called a Session. The Living Breath Process consists of the following 3 Steps:


Answer Your Question

For Step 1, you will answer a question. You will find the question at the top of your program page. There are 21 questions in each Feelz. It is important to write your answer on a sheet of paper. You do not have to keep your answers to your questions unless you want to.


Listen to the Audio Introduction

For Step 2, you will listen to the introduction of the Feelz audio track. This introduction is designed to creatively take you on a journey out of your established negative biases and self-judgments of yourself, others, and your potential. This introduction helps you relax into the breath and the beautiful flow of words that you will hear after the introduction. Use this introduction to settle yourself, and slowly practice the Three-Part Breath in preparation.


Breathe with the Audio Track

For Step 3, you will breathe with your Feelz audio track. You will begin the Three-Part Breath immediately following the introduction where you will hear Genie breathing in the background of the single words that are being said in rhythm to her breath. Your aim is to breathe in rhythm with Genie for the duration of the Feelz audio track. To gain a steady rhythm, make each breath simple and relaxed. When the breath is fast, breathe shallow, and when it is slower, breathe deeper. Remember, the breath should always remain effortless.


After completing the Three-Step Process, memorize the Support Mantra to repeat throughout the day. Each time a negative, self-defeating thought comes towards you, simply take 3 Three-Part Breaths and repeat your Support Mantra internally within yourself. This process keeps your mind clear of self-defeating suggestions.